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Showing women 
how to become

Fresh, Fierce, & First Class


Showing women
how to become

Fresh, Fierce, & First Class


“I didn’t always know what I wanted to do, but I always knew the woman I wanted to become.”

Diane Von Furstenberg

Fashion Designer & Entrepreneur


I’m Samantha Whittaker

Entrepreneur, Publicity Aficionado and Success Coach

I impact and inspire women who are passionate about life but feel like their passions are getting lost in the corporate shuffle.


It’s easy to lose parts of yourself working five plus days a week within the corporate framework and my goal is to help women like yourself learn how to reopen to the possibilities of doing something else and I teach you how to build your own business so you can live the life you truly want.


Anyone can make anything happen, at any time.

To give you an idea of how deeply I believe this, at 18 I earned a full scholarship for my Undergraduate university studies. During my very first semester at university, I learned that Resident Advisers (RA’s) of the dormitories received free campus housing.

The immediate thought that came to me was if I became an RA, I could get a hefty refund from my scholarship payments every semester which was extra money that I could use to go shopping and take trips to see my friends with.

So by the start of the second semester of my freshman year, I had figured out a way and I was an RA which was unheard of at the time because freshman students weren’t even considered for the positions.

My point in sharing this story is that you should never put limits on yourself .

But as I know from experience, the corporate environment can make even the overly ambitious of us feel stuck and bored.

After university, I started out in the corporate world armed with my go-getter/make things happen approach and I was ready to apply all my talents to a job and become successful. But it didn’t take long after entering the corporate world before I started to lose my spark and my go-getter/make anything happen approach started to get stifled.

I was terribly unhappy, my morning alarm clock was an enemy and Friday’s couldn’t come fast enough.

Trying to fit into the corporate world never felt right to me but even though I recognized the feeling that it wasn’t for me, I still kept trying to run the course and do what I was supposed to do and hope that one day I would get to a point and things would feel like a fit.

After my third corporate job and advancing in job roles, I reached a point where I just accepted that corporate life wasn’t meant for me.

So I decided to leave.

At the time, I had no plan, no replacement job, a hefty car loan and rent payments but I knew I had to leave for my own sake. The security of a job wasn’t worth the cost of me losing parts of myself.

I can vividly replay the last few moments on my last day.

It was a Friday – I clutched my over-sized Gucci handbag and a cardboard box filled with my things and walked away from my Marketing Communications job at a law firm.

That was nine years ago and in between then and today, I’ve built a thriving public relations business from the ground up where I worked with incredible clients, I’ve moved to three different countries and I now get opportunities to travel and host workshops in New York, London, Miami and more (all with my dog in tow, I might add).

Entrepreneurship really does open up your life and I truly believe that more women need to cut the cord and break free from their jobs and start living life on their own terms.

So if you are a woman who is still stuck sitting behind a desk at a job that no longer excites you or you are just wishing you could do something of your own and are unsure of what it is. Know that I am here to help you do just that and this is the guide you’ve secretly been searching for.

Know that:

  • I know what it feels like to work up the corporate ladder but still be bored to tears and feel “blah” about your job


  • I know what it feels like to follow a path that others tell you to follow because it sounds good


  • I know what it is to have no real idea of what you want your life to look like, much less know how to go about creating it.

    • I know what it feels like to start a business on a whim with no idea of what you are doing and feel overwhelmed and really scared


    • I know what it feels like to feel doubtful like you made the wrong choice when that business isn’t doing so well


    • I also know what it feels like to come out on the other side – where your business does start to work and you start to make more money than you did at your job and you really start to enjoy life more.

    I’ve learned the lessons and can openly share them with you, through my journey I’ve learned a ton of things about money mindset, people and business. The cold truth is, starting a business isn’t easy but it does get easier when you get help and guidance from someone who has done what you want to do.

    If that speaks to you and you want someone to help you start or grow your own business, check out the Work With Me page and see what options are open for us to work together!

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