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I was tempted to start this blog post off with talking about how to make your audience focus on your brand like how they focus on celebrities walking on the red carpet. But as I began writing I changed course slightly and this post became more about how to get people to focus on you instead of just your company or brand.

Audiences don’t fall in love with companies; they fall in love with or are attracted by the people who represent those companies. Doubt me? Think Oprah, think Richard Branson, think Nike deciding to reach out to Michael Jordan to put his name on a shoe – need I say more!

There are specific skills and techniques one has to embrace if they want to become not just good but AMAZING at having people gravitate towards them and one of those skills is learning how to become a magnet for attention and making yourself hard to forget.

To get a better idea of what I’m talking about, take a second and watch this scene from Will Smith’s 2005 movie, Hitch.

Here are a few suggestions on how you can make yourself hard to forget:

– Grab Your Audiences Attention

The essence of any coveted brand is the story it conveys, so you should always start with a bang and not a whimper.

If you are issuing an announcement use an attention-getting heading by using words that are saucy, funny, heartfelt or motivational to ignite emotion and connect you to your audience.

If you are giving a speech or promoting your company at a trade event deliver a performance, not a presentation. Make an entrance, start by having an appearance that people take note of – look polished and smile (nothing makes you blend into the masses more than a bland expression on your face) and then incorporate something unexpected into your delivery.

Tell Your Story

Regardless of the communication mechanism, be it advertising, press releases, social media, SMS texts or web-app push notifications, messaging should be intriguing.
Tell a powerful story with emotional content about how you got into the business that you are in and that brings the audience into your world and grabs them.

When you share with an audience what attracts you to your topic, you invisibly connect to people who share the same value for what you’re talking about.
If you can master telling your story powerfully and emotionally, then others will start to talk about you to others, and this is where interest and attention really begin, because people you may not even know start to pay attention to you.

Be Willing to Accept Criticism

I recently read an article and for the life of me I cannot remember which magazine it was, but there was a line that stuck out to me so much that it felt fitting to include it in this section (my apologies for being unable to cite the source). The line was “When you know you’re alienating some people, you are probably doing it right” and the truth is, that writer was smack on point when it comes to seducing audiences. The image, messages and overall presentation you put forward should be tailored to attract your target audience and not every audience.

You’re going to receive criticism from thousands of people in your lifetime. It’s important to remember that not all criticism is created equal. Determining the source of the criticism and the motivations behind it will help you know how to handle it. Fight the urge to argue or justify yourself and just listen to your critic. You’d be surprised what you can learn and how you can make improvements that move you towards your ultimate goal if you simply soak it in.

In conclusion, to seduce your audience, you will need to put yourself out there, then learn from experience and improve as you go along.