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Have you ever walked into a room and found it filled with 10 to 15 people with the same job title as you and they are all at the event vying for the 3 or 4 potential clients in attendance?

Knowing that those other people have the same objective as you, what do you?

Here’s what I tell my clients – stop relying on just your job title or the name of your firm or business to distinguish you.

Don’t get me wrong, working at well recognized companies and having certain titles at these companies definitely adds a level of prestige and may make someone consider you as an option to work with, but do you really just want to be an option?

If you want to increase your odds that the person or client you want to work with, also wants to work with you- it’s time to start putting work into developing your personal brand.

No one else can claim the exact same brand as you. It is as unique as you are.

Let me explain,

No matter what field you work in, having a personal brand is your GREAT DIFFERENTIATOR.

When you have a personal brand you stand apart and above others because you showcase your attributes – your vitality, your personality, your passions about your work – and this generates genuine interest in you the person and creates chemistry with other people and can pre-qualify you as a viable candidate that others want to work with and be around.

You are the only thing that is unique about what you do – the rest of it is just frosting on the cake. Frosting is great but when you go into a bakery do you go in planning to buy just the frosting or do you look at the cake?

I’m sure you’ve invested time in your education, invested time in certifications but if you have a CPA designation and the other person also has a CPA designation what’s the difference? I hope you can see my point here.

A strong personal brand will distinguish you from being just another person on the market to actually being someone that people know and that people want to work with.

Listen, I’ve invested over $100,000 to get two university degrees, I’ve invested in being a member of professional organizations for my field, I’ve spent years thinking I needed to work at high level corporate firms to make it and in short that thinking has cost me a ton of money, time that I can never get back and very little real substance.

The #1 thing that has made a difference in my career (and subsequently my life) is investing time in putting myself out there and distinguishing myself through my personal brand.

So if you’re ready to do things differently so you can finally find that missing puzzle piece in the masterpiece of your profession, then let’s talk.

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