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 About Samantha

Hi Again! So you are trying to learn more about me, huh?

Well here is the 411 on me …

I started my career in the public relations industry in 2004.

I started my own agency Fresh Image Public Relations in 2010.

By 2014, I had grown Fresh Image PR to become one of the most sought after public relations firms in the English speaking Caribbean – with clients ranging from Coca-Cola, FIFA, Samsung, MasterCard Worldwide, Royal Bank of Canada and a number of other corporate businesses. I also had established offices in the Cayman Islands and Miami, Florida.

I’ve also worked on media events featuring celebrity spokespersons such as Giuliana and Bill Rancic, TV Anchor Hoda Kotb of NBC’s the Today Show and entertainers Anita Baker and Robin Thicke, to name a few.

But before doing all of that, I was just a girl from a small island who reported into a job at an office every day just to be able to make her car loan payments.

So let’s back track a bit, so you get the full picture of who I am and why I now do what I do.

In 2008, I left my corporate marketing job at a law firm with no plan, no replacement job, a car loan and rent payments.

At that time, I just felt that there was more to life for me – no matter how “good on paper” a job seemed to everyone else.

I had no clue what my next move was going to be so I did what was considered the “sensible thing” to do – I re-enrolled in university to get a Masters in Business.

A few months into my Master’s program, my dog developed respiratory problems and the vet told me there was a chance she would need surgery. Which put me immediately into panic mode and the “How the F**k Can I Make Money” wheels began to churn. Right there and then, on my kitchen table in Miami Florida, is where my entrepreneurial journey began.

I had no idea what I was doing so I started with what I was already good at – Public Relations. I sent out a few emails to people that I had worked with in my corporate capacity and was able to sign some “freelance jobs” and things grew from there.

My PR agency grew and grew and in that role, I got my clients featured in the news in a number of countries, resulting in millions of dollars in media exposure, huge visibility, massive growth for their programs and increased revenue for their businesses.

And I wish I could tell you that life in the entrepreneurial world has been easy and smooth sailing from day one – but that would be lying.

What ended up happening was that because I never took the time to ask myself what kind of business I would truly like to create and build, I found myself becoming a slave to my business and not having any real enjoyment.

I was exhausted, overworked and unable to enjoy any of my successes – which is not what I envisioned would be the outcome when I left my corporate job.

So in 2015, after six years of intense work, I made the decision to re-define my business and that meant getting really honest with what I truly wanted for myself and my life.

I discovered that I much preferred consulting and encouraging professional women who had dreams of starting their own businesses.

Throughout my work in PR one of the things that always stood out the most to me was seeing how hard it was for many women to really go after what they wanted. Whether that was stepping up to take recognition for their work or just putting themselves out there and I always naturally gravitated towards encouraging these women.

So as I looked to redefine my business helping these women was the perfect fit.

I hired a business coach, I got trained in coaching and I launched my coaching division to support and encourage more women to step into entrepreneurship

When I first started my business, I didn’t have an idea about business or a clue about how to grow it. I learned through many (expensive and time consuming) encounters with trial and error and I recognize now that if I had a coach or a mentor, I probably would have had a smoother process (and a ton more money on hand). 

But my journey has equipped me with lessons and entrepreneurial skills that I can now use to help you start and benefit from everything I now know. 

One of the biggest lessons in business that I think isn’t discussed enough is, build a business that lights you up and that aligns with your life goals.

If you are going to build a business, you have to make sure it’s the right business for you!

After closing the corporate agency side down, I put almost everything in storage and Fancy (my dog) and I, moved to London England.

I can truly say this journey has been worth it and I am absolutely in love with my life, my refocused business and living a laptop lifestyle all on my terms.

So if you are looking to grow and expand your business and you know you want help and guidance from someone who not only has marketing and promotional skills to knock any campaign out of the park, but who also has expanded her own life and business in multiple ways. Reach out to me!

Learn about options to work with me over on my Work With Me page


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