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The Foundation

A 90 Day 1:1 Coaching Program that Helps You
Get Clarity on What the Best Business For You to Start is and the Steps to Get It Started

Dreaming of Your Own Business But Don’t Know Where to Start?

When I was working at a job that’s all I ever thought of.

I hated attending repetitive meetings and sitting at a desk 5 days a week pretending like I belonged there.

I was even secretly jealous of the women who could spend their days in yoga pants and have long champagne lunches with their friends and not worry if they went over an hour.

From early on, I knew I wanted a freedom lifestyle where I could do what I wanted, control how I spent my time and live how I desired. Which meant I would have to become my own boss – so that’s exactly what I did.

Nine years ago I walked away from a day job and since then I’ve built a thriving public relations business from the ground up where I worked with incredible clients, I moved to three different countries and I now get opportunities to travel and host workshops in New York, London, Miami and more (all with my dog in tow, I might add)

When I first decided to pursue my dream of starting my own business, I didn’t have a clue of what I was doing but the feeling of being UNFULFILLED AND STUCK in a job outweighed the fear of leaping into unknown territory, So I


I started and grew a high six figure public relations business that serviced corporate clients across the English Speaking Caribbean. Clients ranged from Coca-Cola, FIFA, Samsung, MasterCard Worldwide, Royal Bank of Canada and a number of other corporate businesses and I also had staff and offices in the Cayman Islands and Miami, Florida.

I then went on to diversify my business portfolio by investing in other businesses, got involved in real estate and also launched an online coaching business.

Which if I do say so myself, isn’t bad for a girl who started out not having a clue about business or about being my own boss.

My journey as an entrepreneur, my experiences and the trainings I’ve had with top coaches and other business owners, is the basis for this program. I’ve crafted The Foundation to be the program that I wish I had when I was starting out on my journey.



And what if today you could start doing the same?

How would it feel to…

• Build a thriving business of your own

• Still make big money and live out your dreams at the same time?

• Put your ideas into action without needing someone else’s approval to move forward

• No longer having to wear constrictive, boring clothing every day (keep those uncomfortable heels that squeeze your toes in the closet and only pull them out when you really feel like it).

• No longer being forced to work 70 hours a week and put everything else on the “I’ll get to it one day” list

Believe it or not, I can actually help you get on the road to making all of this happen in the next 90 days

Imagine it is three months from today; you drive into your corporate office parking lot knowing that you’ve built a foundation for your very own business and that your days of walking through those office doors at 8am each weekday are coming to an end.

You sit at your desk with your cup of coffee, look around and smile a big smile to yourself because you know you now have options and having options = freedom.

And what’s even better is that the business you are building is built on doing work that comes so naturally to you that you almost feel guilty that you can make the same amount as your salary or more from doing your own thing.


That’s what my Foundation coaching does!

What’s Possible?

How exhilarating would it be for you, if you finally got around to building your own business in 2018?

You could enjoy what you do and be in control of what times you work and how much you make and how much vacation you take.

And once that business got off the ground you could travel and work from anywhere in the world. Sounds amazing, right?

All of this is possible for you and it doesn’t need to take decades to get to this point.


Look at my entrepreneurial timeline and how my life has expanded dramatically as a result of walking away from my corporate job:


Left corporate job with no plan and no clue of what to do next


January 2009:

Enrolled back in University to get a Master’s degree in Business (still no idea of what I was going to do next but at least if I told people I was back in school, it was somehow an acceptable answer to their questions and I could avoid seeing those blank stares if you said you weren’t doing “something”).

November 2009:

My dog started developing respiratory problems and the vet told me there was a chance she would need surgery. Which put me immediately into panic mode and the “How the F***k can I make some money” wheels started churning in my head.

December 2009:

I reached out to everyone I knew and asked if they needed freelance PR support to write press releases and corporate newsletters. I signed my first $500/month client to a 6 month contract.

January 2010:

Graduated early from 18 month Master’s Program and Fresh Image PR and Marketing Ltd. was officially incorporated

March 2010:

I had 4 retainer clients and 1 large event management client.

Why I’m sharing this timeline with you is for you to see that you don’t have to have everything pieced together to get started.

You just have to trust that knowing inside of you that says you were meant for more than just sitting at a desk 5 days a week and to take a leap if you want something different.

I believe that calling inside of us exists for a reason and I also believe that the universe guides us to where we are supposed to be.

Now really is your time to listen to that calling on the inside and act instead of waiting for the “perfect start time when you have everything figured out.”

This FOUNDATION COACHING program was designed for you – the successful on paper woman who is ready to pursue her own business so she can start living life on her terms.

If you are ready to get your own “business on the road” this year, I’m here to help you get it started so you can be closer to getting the life you’ve been dreaming of.

How does foundation
coaching work?




This is a unique hybrid coaching program that includes BUSINESS FOUNDATION Online Tutorial Course Material as well as 1:1 coaching sessions for personal support.

Here is What is Included:


Comprehensive weekly class modules and workbooks covering different business topics in a secure online folder.  Each week during the 3 month period you will get access to the next step to ensure you stay committed and moving forward.


One on one, personalized coaching sessions

Twelve 30-minute private coaching calls via Skype/FaceTime or Phone with me.


Priority Email Access

You’ll get unlimited email access, so if you are feeling stuck or you just need someone to give you a push and get you moving you can email me at any time (say goodbye to procrastination!)




Lengthy welcome booklet to clarify your goals and business direction before we even begin our coaching sessions.




These are resource guides and templates that I have created throughout the years that you can use as you move along with the development of your business so you don’t have to create these from scratch when starting out.


In Summary Package Includes:

  • 12 in depth modules
  • 4 calls per month with Samantha
  • Unlimited Email Access
  • VIP Resource Guides and Templates
  • Recorded Guest expert Trainings
  • Video tutorials

Why learn from me?

Simply and straightforwardly put:

I know what I’m doing and I can help clients who want to benefit from my knowledge and learn the tips and tricks I had to learn the hard way.
In the Foundation I teach you everything I know about building a solid business and
also give you the materials I wish I had when I was starting out.
To help you build the right business for you and get it started on a strong footing.

  • I know how to build both a brick and mortar and online business
  • I know how position businesses and people as being high end and in demand
  • I know how to get people to pay attention
  • I know how to set up businesses in different countries and how to be an established international business owner

    Course Topics Covered:

    • Build your “Business Confidence” so you can drive your business idea forward.
    • Get clear on your unique abilities – you have many, so let’s build a business around one of them.
    • Increase your self-esteem in yourself and your abilities so you can run your empire and not let your empire run you
    • Become an unstoppable woman and learn how to embody that
    • Build your knowledge around wealth begin work on removing money blocks (learn how to attract money, otherwise you will always undersell yourself and work harder to earn and keep money)
    • Learn all about the connection between money and mindset and how your thoughts and your childhood wealth conditioning may be holding you back.


    • Figure out what the ideal business is for you
    • Create a business model
    • How to Set Up Your Business (Naming your business, registering your business etc)
    • Figure out who the right customer for your business is
    • Goal setting – how to stick to deadlines when things change by the moment (entrepreneurial and corporate goal setting vary due to the lack of a controlled environment)
    • How to delegate like an entrepreneur
    • Resources, workbooks, reading lists and activities to help you shift your mindset and grow your business.


    What You gain:


    You will:

    1) Craft a business concept that feels right to you (as opposed to only thinking that you can only build a certain type of business because you think it’s the only way you can make money)

    2) Build your business foundation




USD $3,697

USD $2,697
(If you sign up by December 23rd 2017)


This is for you if you are:

  • A woman seeking clarity on what type of business to start
  • Sick of using your talents to further someone else’s dreams – and you know it’s your turn to be the boss!
  • Ready to enjoy the work you do and you’re ready to have time to enjoy your life.
  • A woman that is willing to step outside the box and do the work to get where she wants to be
  • Have a vision for yourself but need help with the implementation strategy.

If this is For you:

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