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What  People  Are  Saying

“Before taking Samantha’s Self Study branding course, I was honestly overwhelmed and very confused on what my brand should be. I knew I needed to build a brand for my business in a solid way right from the start but I didn’t know how to do it or what I even wanted my brand to be. The Fresh, Fierce, First Class Branding course gave me clarity and all of the tools necessary for building a brand that speaks for me and connects with my clientele.”

 Carissa McLaughlin

Bridal and Special Occasion Hair Stylist – Cayman Islands

“There are a lot of experts out there that are more than willing to put you on retainer for months while you wait for results. My experience with Samantha is that she really wants to empower conscious business owners to succeed in making the biggest impact they can. She’s teaching me to work smart not hard, effectively busting myths of what’s worth my time energy and money and what’s not, with focused realistic guidance of what will truly support my business here and now!”

 Allana Pratt

Intimacy Expert – California

“Samantha’s impressive background uniquely positions her to support high-level women in starting their own business.  She understands what is takes to launch and a scale a business from scratch and her confidence and knowledge ensures that her clients feel equally confident and supported on their own entrepreneur journey.”

Camilla Carboni

Success coach and best-selling author – Colorado

“I can honestly say that I’m sooooo glad that I made a decision to invest in myself and my business by coaching one on one with Samantha. Everything is coming together. I’m seeing all of the possibilities. And, best of all, I’m working even harder to make things happen.”

Denise Stokes

marketing consultant – Texas

“I have put a lot of time and energy on my career and I want to make the best out of it. Putting myself out there is giving me the leverage to speak my truth and create more space and freedom as it is opening up new opportunities. The strategy and guidance on how to do this is so helpful – I just do as Samantha says and things really do shift and with each shift my outlook expands – I will not end up being the best kept secret in the world and I truly feel like my voice can make a real difference now.”

Sercin Kutucu

european union law expert & lecturer – Turkey

“Before working with Samantha, I was just going with the flow and I didn’t really take a strategic approach to how I was promoting my business. But Samantha taught me the importance of taking a strategic approach to my publicity efforts and she has shown me how to create and follow through on that strategy. I’ve been working with her for 7 months so far and each week I’m blown away by the number of amazing opportunities that keep presenting themselves.”

Carmen Lilly

style consultant & Celebrity stylist – New York City

Samantha was a God-send. I was trying to balance too many things at one time and as a result, failing to gain traction. Samantha helped me to see this and filter out what was unnecessary. Moreover, she helped me with my presentation and the launch of my first book. It would have floundered without her help. 

Claire Smith

author & Spiritual mentor – Kansas City

Samantha is an incredibly talented coach who genuinely cares about her client’s results.  If you’re looking to transition from your corporate job into a more meaningful and fulfilling career, I highly recommend working with Samantha.”

Samara Eidelman

attorney and business coach – South Africa

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